Saturday, January 23, 2016

What I learnt.

Hi, happy 'new' year! This entry is gonna be quite of a life update, kinda. Working, well typically post-spm will go for a job-hunting and so i did. Never have i ever thought that i'll be working as a salesgirl... lol. It is a job where you please people and throw infos and talk talk talk. Wowzees, was never really good at pleasing ppl though. It was indeed a new experience. I've learnt a lot. 

Here's a bit of how that job works. First few days was hella tiring, kena settlekan the stocks for the promotion. Literally tebalkan muka walking around mall with some loads hahaha! 2nd day, the salesgirl task started. But as days passed by, i was terribly exhausted. I caught a cold, sore throat & flu. Imagine 12hrs of working for 6 days a week¿??! I should be okay but some things didn't meet my need. The vibe wasn't pretty well so then i thought that's enough. Perhaps i shld spend my long break doing things i love. Like... Layan Aula main toys dia bcs final year in high schl was so packed to even layan dia kejap. Or whatnot.

Hi Aula, kekna is back.

Okay moving on. 1 thing yg sedih sikit, saying bye to the job means leaving Hanis on her own (not rlly, we have Tisya) tapi sedih 😭😭😭 i'll definitely miss sharing my thoughts and annoy her errrrdaaay. Oh, and beli doughnuts :p But i know she'll do just fine bcs Hanis is a good gurl, no doubt!!

This is Hanis aka my girlfriend aka Marissa

Moving on to "experience". Oh well, there's so much to spill but i'm cutting it short. That job, had taught me;

1. Hypocrite everywhere hokeh. 
Even the nicest person or dia tunjuk depan kita baik gila, the ugly truth is we dont rlly knw them. Turns out they talk bad behind you. How could you appear to be soooo angelic yet you're the one yang paling hebat mengutuk? Eyyy

2. There's no harm tegur orang. 
When you see someone's doing things in a wrong way, there's no harm tegur dia instead of complain kat orang. Ey awak ni nak betulkan orang ke nak jatuhkan orang? Aigoo wallahua'lam. 

3. Mind your words.
Yes, no matter how naturally mulut laser you're, please. Contoh, you might used to ppl calling you stupid, but you have no idea how the word stupid cld affect someone so much. It's ok kot to be mulut laser with your close friends, but not to someone who's new to you.

4. Cari duit tu susah.
Lol teringat parents. Ya, it is not easy. Let's start menabung and stop wasting money shall we :<

However, I thanked الله for giving me such an unforgettable experience, which ofcourse will make me wiser inshaAllah.

Salam. x 

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