Saturday, December 12, 2015

Highschool Graduation Day

I'd say my batch was kinda lucky, bcs high school graduation day is back!!! After years. We had our graduation day on 27th october 2015, the day i've been waiting for ever since cikgu bagitahu ada graduation day this year (excited gilo tapi just few days away from spm aip). Graduation day was a bit emotional. Lol jk, fun! Pictures pictures pictures all the waaaay! Thank you MSU.

It's overwhelming knowing that my classmates won't be my classmates anymore, aye you get it? 2 years  through thick & thin, loves and hate, pressure and joy. They've taught me a lot and made me realize how education is really really important. I was so suddenly motivated, kot. Unlike previous years, i wasnt really into studying (zaman jahiliah orang kata). From "eee menyampahnya" to "aih i'm gonna miss these ppl" //tak tahu asal boleh lari topic// Wait, i shall make an entry regarding school. Later. 

meh, here you go graduation pictures --

5 Science 1, 2k15 with our dearest class teacher/biology teacher Cikgu Shuhaida.

Favourite girls since form 2 through thick and thin. Aisyah moves to boarding school and i believe she did very well there *emoji kish*

Girls from 5 Science 1, sooo grateful to hv them thank you for accepting me when i was all alone (bcs semua classmates yg awalnya rapat pindah sekolah, k) T-T 
Aida Khan, mata dia lawa sangat <3
My very own pillar strength and supporter, would never miss the chance to come and support me && paling rajin datang every event yg sekolah buat ❤️❤️

Also, Nadhirah posted a graduation day video on youtube, enjoy watching ! ^-^

السلام عليكم ❤️ x

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